A fixture in Resident Advisor’s top-10 DJs for the best part of a decade, Ben Klock needs little introduction. Having become a Berghain resident in 2005, he has since established himself at the forefront of Berlin’s modern techno movement, an ever-present symbol of the city’s vast musical landscape. His long-standing relationship with the notorious techno institution has formed the backdrop to his success, providing an invaluable platform that has allowed him to become one of the most in-demand DJ-producers of the current generation.

Those who have witnessed him perform will note not only the diversity in his track selection, but also his ability to create a room rather than just play to it. Though intense and powerful, his DJ output reflects a certain kind of fervour, capturing an artistry, sensibility and emotion that can often appear absent from the Techno genre. Maybe it's because he trained to play the piano at an early stage resulting in his first dream job aspiration ever - jazz pianist? He possesses a wonderful understanding of how to adapt his music to the circumstances, a competence that means he can be found at both large-scale festivals and small intimate club settings around the world. He says his hope is to add colour to the world of music - a deeper and darker one but always with a certain sexiness. What’s important to Ben is finding your own voice and inspiring others what you really feel you want to do.

Over recent years his focus has been on touring and coming back to Berghain every month to delight the gyrating crowd with his hypnotic, pulsating music. He also travels with his new Photon project, billed as "multi-sensory experience”. The events explore the "marriage between sound, light and architecture" and feature artists outside of the Klockworks roster. Apart from DJing, Tom produces music - most of which was released via renown Ostgut Ton (including „Warszawa”, "Czeslawa" or „Subzero” beloved by his fans), BPitch Control and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Additionally, Klock also runs Klockworks, a label he founded in 2006 as a home for his more raw and minimal productions. The focus, however, has shifted over recent years, with the label becoming a medium for him to present his more diverse personal tastes and support developing talents. Trevino, DVS1 and Etapp Kyle have all released on the imprint during the earlier stages of their careers. His skills as a remixer have also seen him rework tracks by a wide variety of artists, including Kerri Chandler, Depeche Mode, Robert Hood and Kenny Larkin.

It will be his second performance at Audioriver Festival - he's already captured our hearts and minds in 2015.



Audioriver Festival in Plock will be the only place in Poland where you will have an opportunity to see Bonobo live in 2018. Simon Green combines the elements of electronic music with warm sounds of jazz, soul and pop. Upon releasing his first album in 2000 he has been hailed  the pioneer of downtempo genre. His latest album „Migration” is nominated for 60th Annual Grammy Awards. By turns lush, manic, beautiful, melancholic, joyful, packed with both emotion and technical skill, this is perhaps his most ambitious attempt yet to capture the very textures of human existence in his work. As Bonobo says about his music: ”Life has highs, lows, loud and quiet moments, beautiful ones and ugly ones. Music is a reflection of life.”

„Migration” is a lush, sometimes manic and joyful, full of emotions and technical skill. It is a proof of Bonobo's top position - not only in electronic music scene.  In particular, there is a theme here of migration, eruditely put by Green as “The study of people and spaces,” he expands, “It’s interesting how one person will take an influence from one part of the world and move with that influence and effect another part of the world. Over time, the identities of new places evolve.” It is a theme with a personal as well as a sociological aspect to it. Last year, a close family member passed away. “My family and I are all disbanded and spread to far corners of the earth,” explains Green, “In the end we did the funeral in Brighton. My own personal idea of identity, where I am from, and what home is, has played into this record and its migratory themes. Is home where you are or where you are from, when you move around?”

A contemporary of artists of the status of Four Tet, Jon Hopkins and Caribou, A contemporary of artists of the status of Four Tet, Jon Hopkins and Caribou, Bonobo counts among his famous fans the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex, Disclosure and Warpaint, as well as exerting a formative influence which can be heard in the music of acts as diverse as Flume, London Grammar and Nils Frahm.



British duo Fred Vahrman and Josh Jackson has debuted in 2011. Soon after, at the beginning of their third year of university, they got signed by acclaimed Hospital Records label. They have taken the drum&bass lands by storm, sweeping through with their melodic and euphoric waves in a whirlwind of musicality.

As two keen musicians with Fred on guitar, piano and vocals and Josh on guitar and drums, unique instrumentation has become somewhat a trademark for their production. Influenced by a wide-spanning range of sounds outside of the realms of drum & bass, from rock, funk, soul & jazz; Fred V & Grafix cite artists such as Arcade Fire, Bombay Bicycle Club, Alt-J, Ben Howard and The Naked & Famous as key inspirations, alongside fellow Hospital D&B artists, Logistics and High Contrast - it was the latter's sophomore ‘High Society’ and Pendulum’s controversial and genre-changing album ‘Hold Your Colour’ that converted the pair to Drum&Bass although both initially into live music.

2017 saw the release of their 3rd album ‘Cinematic Party Music’, confirming the status of Fred V & Grafix as versatile, open-minded artists. Coupling the release is a brand new live show that sees the gents take a multitude of live instruments to the stage and showcase their unique talent. This is how you will experience their music for the first time in Poland here at Audioriver.



DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany, where she used to run a club night called Birds and Other Instruments at the Golden Pudel Club.
They say she has a thunderstorm inside her. Helena’s sound as a DJ can’t be nailed down as she unpredictably and eclectically cuts between genres with ease. Dirty Acid, Chicago, Electro and Wave mixed in an obsessive way. Having developed a reputation as an adventurous DJ and releasing a couple singles, Hauff published her cassette-only debut, entitled A Tape on Dallas-based label Handmade Birds in 2015. Soon after Hauff dropped her debut studio album, Discreet Desires, via Actress’s Werkdiscs, a subsidiary of Ninja Tune.

She's an avid collector analog machines, with which she produces exclusively – just a Juno-60, a Roland-303, an MPC, and a couple of other classics. The aesthetic of machines is appealing to her. She says they fascinate her. She likes when they come to life and become something with its own soul.

Helena is obsessed with the subaquatic experimentations of James Stinson and his duo with Geral Donald, Drexciya. She is also enthralled by Kurt Cobain’s misanthropic grit. “I’m looking for the perfect sound,” Hauff said. "Something grainy and rough and a bit fucked up". But the sound her first priority; her first priority is the energy of a track.



Based between New York and Berlin, Honey Dijon is a DJ and fashion muse who had carved a distinct niche for herself in the world of underground electronic music. As a child she collected both vinyls and art albums. Honey has come to be associated with exquisitely curated cross-genre sets, happiness and total dance-floor chaos wherever she plays, along with transgender rights activism and collaboration with the greatest in fashion. Together with the legendary Giorgio Moroder she has produced music for Louis Vuitton and she's good friends with Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of Men's Collections at LV. "He’s given me Keith Harings and I’ll give him Frankie Knuckles mixes that never came out. We share culture", she says. Antony Hegarty described her as a bridge and a role model for the youngest generations.

Born and raised in Chicago - the home of house music - the city's influence on Honey’s style is deeply ingrained. Like many in the scene, her love affair with music began upon hearing her parent’s soul and R&B records at home. Soon, it was clear to her that she needed to be the one dropping the needle on the record at her parent’s basement parties - at which point there was no turning back - club life beckoned.

Before long she was obsessively collecting tracks from hallowed stores like Imports Etc and Gramaphone in Chicago - developing the taste and style that would become her own. Through digging at these legendary stores, Honey met and formed a long lasting friendship with Derrick Carter, who became a mentor. It was he who introduced her to the underground of Chicago where she was exposed to the sounds of jacking house and Detroit techno. After relocating to New York City, Honey also met another music giant Danny Tenaglia, whose legendary sets at Twilo were also a major source of inspiration. "It’s this combination of Chicago and New York that has helped me develop my signature sound", she says. DJing makes her feel free. "It’s almost like when you’re having really good sex with somebody, and there’s no inhibition, or there’s no thought. You’re not thinking, you’re feeling. I have no concept of time. When I’m DJing sometimes, I don’t know if 10 minutes have gone by or 10 hours. I feel really free, and I feel really lustful. I get so sexually turned on when I get in the zone.", said Honey Dijon.



Drum & bass activist from the capital of Lower Silesia. He has been a part of Polish drum & bass scene continuously since 2000, being one of the most active promoter of this genre in our country. He is engaged in creating the most important drum & bass events in Wroclaw, plays in cities all over Poland and outside the country - he visited, among others, Outlook - the largest bass festival in the world.

MacBeat’s sets are always a multithreaded story told with recently less used vinyl records. Expect a large dose of energy, deep sounds and the selection in which modern experiments with the classics of the genre.



A mix of pure vibrant energy, heated passion and true love for techno, T A K A is the artist behind the stomping dance floor weapons taken over with her Korg. Her tracks are a flavour of her life journeys carefully expressed through synths and heavy drums, yet sometimes have a calm emotional spirit... Her electrical live performances using two Korg EMX-1 spread powerful energy onto the dance floor, creating rave-like vibes.

TAKA is also part of the BIAS project, a techno party and community based in Warsaw, Poland which have a fast-growing monthly event called Proces.